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What People Say

Mediation Questions Training Reviews

The S Questions Model is one of the most meaningful and useful trainings I’ve experienced – a truly transformative model of questioning. Gerry teaches the art of asking questions on a whole new level. I will never mediate or coach in the same way again.’

Kathleen Young
Massachusetts, U.S.A.

“I found the content and delivery to be exceptional and I can honestly say that I have learned more from this incredible training than any other course I have completed. I attended the live four half-days online training.”

Sharon McGar
BA (Hons) Psychology, MA Mediation and Conflict Intervention Fieldwork Coordinator on the PRIMERA Project

‘…even though I have mediated 50 plus scenarios this was a real eye opener with lots of take aways for next week’s mediation.’

Martin Medforth
CMC Registered Mediator (Civil, Commercial, Workplace and Employment) at Eynhallow Ltd., U.K.

“Gerry is a question wizard. She knows exactly what type of question to ask to unlock a situation. Her poise, calm manner and extensive experience with which she asks even incisive and uncomfortable questions are exemplary. I enjoyed the online training and her sharing of knowledge and skills tremendously.”

Naett Atkinson
Co-Founder at Let’s Resolve
South Africa

“This one of the most enlightening training courses I have attended and provides an invaluable link between the theory of what is set out in Gerry’s excellent book ‘The Mediator’s Toolkit’ and the practicalities of knowing what questions to ask and when. Brilliantly delivered, Gerry is inclusive and she goes to great lengths to ensure that anyone who attends gets maximum benefit from the training. I would highly recommend the course”

Denis Egan
Former Chief Executive Officer at Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board, Chartered Accountant and now a Mediator accredited by the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland

‘The training brings together all the brilliant threads of Gerry O’Sullivan’s book, the underlying research, and her experience. I am so glad to have done the course.’

Christine Kilby
Mediator of commercial and employment lawsuits and workplace conflict. Trainer, facilitator., Toronto, Canada

‘Without a doubt this has been one of the best trainings I have been part of and I would highly recommend it to all mediators to enhance their questioning skills.’

Louise Hyland
Conflict Coach, Mediator and Trainer, Innerworks, Naas, Ireland

‘Gerry has shone a light in the neuroscience of mediation. Wonderful learning and thoroughly recommended.’

Anthony Munday
Mediation Specialist and Coach, Hemel Hempstead
England, U.K

“I’ve just finished a brilliant online training course delivered by the wonderfully knowledgeable and published author, Gerry O’Sullivan. I highly recommend Gerry’s course – and her book.”

Rachael Bicknell
Founder Squaring Circles, Mediator & Solicitor, Edinburgh
Edinburgh, Scotland

‘I am fascinated by Gerry’s approaches and how she was able to use several underestimated models, such as the Argyris ladder of inference, the Chomsky linguistic model, in an elegant and practical way.
Structure, structure, and structure again is what can save the mediator in even the most difficult situation.
Thanks Gerry for the training! Thanks James South for the recommendation! It was priceless!’

Dmitri Akmaikin
GoNegotiate, Founder, negotiator, mediator and agile team performance coach

‘If you have ever been in a Mediation and you know that you are stuck and need some guidance on how to transform the conflict this is the course for you. Gerry’s training will equip you with the confidence and the tools to navigate this space and become a better mediator. I thoroughly recommend this course as it has given me a template for asking questions that go beyond the traditional methods that I was familiar with.’

Noreen Fitzpatrick
Focus Ireland

“This online course is really insightful. It provides the opportunity not only to deepen the theoretical knowledge of the mediation process in a structured way, but also to practice some techniques with your peers. ”

Natalia Djandigava
Project Manager at Crisis Management Initiative (CMI), Moldova

“I completed the fantastic online course on ‘The S Questions Model Training’. The engaging course material – expertly delivered – gave me new insights into the skill of question formulation for mediation. Gerry is making an enormous contribution to the Mediation profession, thank you for a truly excellent course.”

Teresa Blake
Senior Counsel (Member of the Inner Bar) & Accredited Mediator, Ireland

Without a doubt this has been one of the best trainings I have been part of. The depth of learning and knowledge in this course is breath taking and I am excited to apply these new skills.

Sharon Morrissey
Workplace and Family Mediator and Trainer. Lecturer at Griffith College

MII Accredited Mediator Training

‘Gerry O’Sullivan is the best trainer I have ever had and I do not think I will ever again meet a trainer as good as she was. She totally immersed herself in this training.’

Liz Forsythe
HR Department, Kerry Education and Training Board

“Gerry is an incredibly good trainer, one of the best around.”

Austin Kenny
former Chairperson, Irish Commercial Mediation Association

“Superb focussed delivery that never faltered throughout all three blocks – unreserved recommendation. can understand why every course is fully booked in advance.”

Tomas Crowley
Kelly Foley & Co., Accountants

“Gerry O’Sullivan is simply outstanding. Delivery surpassed all my expectations. course content excellent.”

Sarah Quill
Solicitor with Miriam McGillicuddy & Co, Tralee

“Gerry is extremely knowledgeable, experienced and a joy to work with.”

Anne O’Connor
HR Dept., Kerry ETB

“I was so impressed with Gerry’s work that I have actually recommended her to a body with which I work to assist in the professional development of our own members as lawyers. I think Gerry is really inspirational and her enthusiasm for this area of work is certainly very import and very evident. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Bronagh O’Hanlon

“Gerry is an excellent mediator – very passionate about mediation and has an amazing ability to transfer her skills. this course will provide you with the skills to carry out the mediation process.”

Brigid Quilligan
Assistant Director Irish Traveller Movement

“Gerry is a super teacher with great passion and patience.”

Sorcha Keogan
Department of Foreign Affairs

“The fundamental learning in the course was spectacularly rolled out by the trainer in both atmosphere and delivery.”

Paul Pierse
B. Comm, Solicitor & Mediator, Cork

“Gerry O’Sullivan is a very intuitive, highly professional trainer. The stunning location in Kerry blew all the cobwebs away.”

Anne-Marie Blaney
Solicitor, Free Legal Aid

“This is the most practical skills-based training I have ever attended.”

Paul McGowan
Project Manager at Crisis Management Initiative (CMI), Moldova

“Gerry managed to deliver that coveted combination of absolute professionalism with (often humorous) humanity. She is an inspirational trainer.”

Dr Harriet Emerson
Bandon, Co Cork

“I’ve been on many training courses over the years but this has been the most enjoyable, interactive and informative. Gerry is a very talented and attentive trainer who ensures that her expert knowledge is delivered timely and skilfully. I would highly recommend attending her Mediation Courses.”

Kate O’Shea
COS HR Services

“I couldn’t recommend Gerry’s abilities highly enough. If you want to succeed this is the right course…”

Sean Lynch
Galway City Partnership

“Gerry goes the extra mile with every single individual to ensure that she gets the maximum out of everybody. She was so generous; she gave such a personal touch and imparted such wonderful knowledge and teaching.”

Elizabeth Walsh
Solicitor, Limerick

Moving Through Conflict Training

“Gerry, thank you for facilitating a superb meeting on ‘conflict resolution and ‘bullying and harassment’. I have rarely encountered a facilitator who could hold the attention of the group in such a way, and for a two-hour engagement. your energy and investment in the topic invigorated the meeting and allowed us to have a fantastic educational experience. The level of questioning and reflection which has stemmed from your session bears testimony to its quality.”

Dr Bertie Daly
Programme Director, South West General Practitioners Training Scheme

“An absolutely excellent, enjoyable and very beneficial course. I learned a lot about myself and my own approach and how to strive towards a win-win in conflict situations. I feel much better equipped to deal with difficult situations in the future.”

Aoilleann Ni Dhuill

“I found the course incredibly relevant, very interesting and exciting. I can apply this and would come back for more. wonderful two days, fantastic experience.”

Sean Dineen
Social Action Group, Rathmore, Co. Kerry

“I would highly recommend this training to anyone uncomfortable with conflict. Excellent.”

Michelle Flannery
Re Nua, Goat Street, Dingle, Co. Kerry

“Excellent course, very well presented. Loved the gentle tone of the presentation. I should have done it years ago.”

Brendan Burke
Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board

“This training is a must for anyone who struggles with conflict in the workplace. It gives you an awareness of how to interact in a safe environment.”

Judith Carmody
Tralee, Co. Kerry

“Very empowering.”

Elizabeth Flanagan
Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board

“Well worth attending – some excellent learning outcomes.”

Noel Kelly
Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board

“If you can’t deal with confrontation or conflict, then this is the course for you.”

Karen Moloney
Murphy’s Ice Cream

“Fantastic. loaded with valuable information, both theoretical and practical.”

Olga Taranta
Sova, Ballymacelligott, Co. Kerry

“Very professional delivery, great learning environment and safe.”

Bernadette Cullen
Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board

“Very hands-on and well worth doing.”

Mary Kennedy
Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board