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Training Aims, Methodology, Materials & Content

Training Aim

Learners will understand the concept of mediation and the framework required for carrying out professional and effective mediations that are underpinned by Mediation Principles and the Mediator’s Institute of Ireland’s competencies.

Training Methodology

Process guidelines used by O’Sullivan Solutions in the delivery of Certified Mediation Training: 
  • Andragogic principles underpin the training design and delivery
  • Learners and their learning are the central focus of the programme with customised support for learners in developing knowledge and skills
  • Learning methods are experiential with exercises, roleplays and discussion groups
  • Skills learning is delivered using an effective a “piece-by-piece” method, slowly and thoroughly, so that the learners become proficient and confident in their role as mediators and will be able to handle increased levels of tension in a competent manner
  • Learners who experience difficulty will be particularly encouraged and motivated in understanding processes or in the development of skills
  • Experiential Roleplaying
  • Each sub-group engaging in roleplay will have a trainer for 50% of their roleplay time that will enable learners to roleplay comfortably in each other’s’ presence.
  • Learners will have an opportunity to practice the role of a mediator for a minimum of 3 role-plays, as well as in several shorter roleplays during skills development.
  • Role plays engaged in by the learners during Block 111 of the training schedule are filmed and given to the learners to take away so that they can engage in self-analysis with respect to the Core Competencies required by the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland. This is not part of the Assessment process, but is an additional tool for learners in preparation for the MII assessment process, which is filmed.
  • The list of Core Competencies that are required for passing the MII assessment is used as an on-going reflective tool for the learners after their roleplaying activities.
  • On-going evaluation of the needs of learners and their training will take place throughout the programme.

Training Materials – Hard Copy

Learners will be provided with the following materials:
  • Manual 2: Skills in Mediation
  • Manual 3: The Mediation Process & Framework
  • Book: ‘The Mediator’s Toolkit: Formulating and Asking Questions for Successful Outcomes’, Author: Gerry OSullivan,

Publisher: New Society Publishing, Canada.

Training Materials – Soft Copy

Learners will be provided with access to the Learners’ Portal containing:
  • Additional Mediation Manuals 1, 3a, 4, 5, 6
  • Mediation demonstration films
  • Films produced on the Regulatory Considerations for Mediation and The Mediation Act, 2017 – Paul Pierse
  • Reading materials and articles
  • Exercises
  • Information about the Mediator’s Institute of Ireland and its assessment process