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Mediator’s Institute of Ireland Assessment

In the interests of accountability and transparency O’Sullivan Solutions contracts an independent and external MII assessor to carry out the assessment process for all candidates.

For the external assessment each candidate is given a printed copy of a scenario of a conflict in which they play the role of the mediator. Class colleagues play the role of the parties to the conflict. The assessment commences with a filmed short interview with the candidate to ascertain how they contacted the parties in dispute, how they set up the mediation etc.

Participants then take part in a one-hour role play which is observed by the assessor. The goal in the role play is not necessarily to get to the agreement stage in this one hour, but to demonstrate good process and effective skills, based on the competency levels required by the MII. These competency levels are used as a tool throughout the training programme to ascertain the progress of the participants and so candidates are well versed in them prior to the assessment.

After their assessment roleplay participants take a filmed copy of their role play home with them and are given a set period of time by which they send their self-reflection or critique on their role-play to the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland’s assessor. This self-reflection forms part of the assessment process.

In order to prepare the candidates for their assessment, O’Sullivan Solutions records the participants for a filmed one-hour roleplay during the training. They can then take this film away with them to assess their competency against the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland list of competencies.