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Certified Mediation Training Course Materials

The course materials below are available to you as a student of the O’Sullivan Solutions Certified Mediation Training Course. Documents may be downloaded, but are strictly for your use only. Note there is a list of documents at the foot of the page that need to be printed off in advance and brought to the course.

* Indicates a resource that needs to be printed in advance of the course (Full list with links is at the foot of this page).
** Indicates a resource that is obligatory for learning prior to your assessment.

PRE-TRAINING practical Information
PRE-TRAINING Course Materials and Preparatory Work

It is vital that all the preparatory work is fully completed prior to your participation in Block 1. This preparatory work forms the context for the learning in Block 1.

Course Materials: Manuals
Course Materials: Case Scenarios for Role-plays for training

Bring a hard copy of this document* with you to all training blocks.

Course Materials: Regulatory Requirements and Agreements

NOTE: The video links below are the exclusive property of O’Sullivan Solutions. They have been commissioned by O’Sullivan Solutions for the sole purpose of providing them to course participants on O’Sullivan Solutions training programmes. They cannot be shown to or shared with any other person or institution.

** Indicates that this resource is obligatory for learning prior to your assessment.

Mediation Act, 2017 external link**

Use in conjunction with video 2 (below)

Mediators’ Institute of Ireland Code of Ethics link**

O’Sullivan Solutions Template Agreement to Mediate**

Use in conjunction with video 3 (below)

O’Sullivan Solutions Template Mediated Settlement**

Use in conjunction with video 3 (below)

Course Materials: Films to watch post Blocks 1, 2, 3

If you have problems viewing the film footage of your role play that I will film in block 3 and copy on to memory sticks for you, then download VLC software and open it and view it with this software.

** Indicates that this resource is obligatory for learning prior to your assessment.

MII Assessment
O’Sullivan Solutions Policies
  • Organisational Profile
  • Policies and Procedures
    • Course Design, Delivery and Review Policy
    • Self-Assessment, Monitoring and Review
    • Data Protection
    • Administration
    • Finance
    • Admissions
    • Equality and Diversity
    • Complaints
    • Complaints Appeals (not about assessment results)
    • Safety, Health and Welfare
    • Staff Recruitment, Development and Management
    • MII Assessment and Appeals
  • Appendices
    • Data protection authorisation form for learners
    • Complaints Form
    • Health & Safety Checklist and Induction Sheets
    • Safety Statement & Risk Assessment
Course Contacts and useful website addresses
Financial Payments and Methods

Full list of documents to be printed prior to the course:

Please bring these documents along with you.

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