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“I was so impressed with Gerry’s work that I have actually recommended her to a body with which I work to assist in the professional development of our own members as lawyers. I think Gerry is really inspirational and her enthusiasm for this area of work is certainly very import and very evident. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Please feel free to telephone me at 087 260 9861”
Bronagh O’Hanlon, S.C.

“Gerry is an excellent mediator - very passionate about mediation and has an amazing ability to transfer her skills. This course will provide you with the skills to carry out the mediation process.”
Brigid Quilligan, Assistant Director Irish Traveller Movement.

“Gerry is a super teacher with great passion and patience.”
Sorcha Keoga, Department of Foreign Affairs.

“This is the most practical skills based training I have ever attended.”
Paul McGowan, Finance Director, EMEA Operation, Europe and Middle East.

“The fundamental learning in the course was spectacularly rolled out by the trainer in both atmosphere and delivery. I was forced to challenge my skills developed over years and rationalize to myself how and why to change them. This has led to tangible improvements in personal and professional spheres. Nobody likes to do that at the best of times and Gerry completed the difficult task of creating an atmosphere in which to do so with professionalism and sensitivity.”
Paul Pierse, B. Comm, Solicitor & Mediator, Griffith College, Cork

“The course compelled you to experience the role of a Mediator many times by the use of countless interactive role plays and scenarios until such time as you became comfortable and confident in the role of a Mediator. I felt that the group was very well prepared for the overall MII Certified Assessment. Gerry provided a very high standard of delivery and she is an excellent mentor and teacher.”
Aoife Thornton, Pierse and Fitzgibbon Solicitors, Listowel - 068 - 21692

“Gerry managed to deliver that coveted combination of absolute professionalism with (often humorous) humanity. This made quite high ultimate aspirations (at least on my part) seem possible with work and determination. Put another way, Gerry is an inspirational trainer, clearly able to demonstrate the skills she is imparting.

Gerry’s very inclusive style quickly created a sense of common purpose amongst those of us taking part. Training in a beautiful and removed “place apart” helped to develop a safe space in which we could share experiences and learn, without fearing the inevitable mistakes. This combined to mean that we learnt not just from the trainer, but enormously from each other, and it enhanced our capacity to grow, learn and develop as individuals and mediators.

The quality of training was so high that it would have been great to have had additional time to learn more. Gerry OSullivan was exceptionally well prepared and diligent in delivering an outstanding quality of training making this universally relevant to all participants and she was always concerned to meet our needs...Excellent.

You can be confident that on completing this training you will understand what good mediation is and what it can achieve, you will be familiar with the skills it requires, and you will have commenced building your experience of putting these into practice. If competency in mediation skills is your goal – this course will not disappoint.”
Dr. Harriet Emerson, Independent Facilitator, West Cork

“This Certified Mediation training was very comprehensive. It not only provided me with the route to accreditation. It also left me with a thorough understanding of the theoretical background, processes and techniques to use in mediation. The diversity of our small group of participants, who were from community backgrounds to human resources to legal also provided the chance to develop discussions about use of mediation in those focus areas. Gerry O'Sullivan is a very intuitive, highly professional trainer. The stunning location in Kerry blew all the cobwebs away.”
Anne-Marie Blaney, Solicitor or 087 6602262

“Gerry O’Sullivan has previously worked as a trainer/facilitator for the Irish Peace Institute. Gerry had the responsibility for the design, development and implementation of mediation skills training workshops for local professionals and also mediation skills training for the Masters of Arts in Peace and Development studies in the University of Limerick. Gerry has proven herself to be a highly experienced and skilful trainer and the workshop evaluations are always of a very high standard. Should you require any other information do not hesitate to contact me.”
Niall Mac Mahon, Project Manager, Irish Peace Institute, University of Limerick.

“I couldn’t recommend Gerry’s abilities highly enough. If you want to succeed this is the right course...”
Sean Lynch, Galway City Partnership

“Gerry O’Sullivan was extremely professional, very generous with her time and knowledge and expertise and no request or question was a problem for her. Gerry goes the extra mile with every single individual to ensure that she gets the maximum out of everybody. She was so generous, she gave such a personal touch and imparted such wonderful knowledge and teaching.
Elizabeth Walsh, Solicitor, Limerick

“Excellent course, was clear and well presented. Very practical and will be of great benefit to my job.”
Deirdre Herlihy, Human Resource Manager, Bon Secours Hospital.


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