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The Benefits Of Advanced Training For Mediators

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All mediators benefit from having regular training to become more effective in their roles. 

In order to do this job well, you need a solid understanding of conflict resolution principles and techniques. Since our knowledge of the best techniques for mediation is always evolving, it’s important to refresh your skills on a regular basis.

It’s also crucial that mediators have strong communication and interpersonal skills. Your ability to guide mediation participants through the process using the right questions, for instance, is crucial. Advanced training can improve anyone’s communication skills and help you improve your rates of success.

Mediators also require a commitment to ethical and professional standards. Ongoing training and professional development is the best way to help you stay up-to-date on best practices and continue to develop your skills.

Why have advanced training focusing on asking mediator questions?

Advanced mediation training typically covers more complex cases and specialised mediation techniques.

Learning about asking effective questions can be applied to all these types of mediation, including family, workplace and community mediation. Such training can help you develop the skills and knowledge needed to work effectively in all imaginable situations. O’Sullivan’s courses offer plenty of resources including videos of a wide range of scenarios. 

Advanced Mediation Training is ideal for mediators who have already completed basic mediation training and have some experience in the field. 

O’Sullivan Solutions delivers online Zoom training focusing on mediation questions, which is ideal for those looking to take their skills to the next level. All training is centred around the S Questions Model which is explored in her Gerry O’Sullivan’s highly reviewed book.

If you’re interested in CPD courses for mediators, find out more about her online training.