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Looking For A Mediator For Training In Conflict Management?

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All mediators benefit from regularly updating their skills to make sure they stay in touch with the latest research on how best to approach mediations. 

We now know much more about the human brain and how it reacts during conflicts. And this research is expanding all the time. Such information can be highly useful for mediators.

In order to resolve a conflict a mediator needs to walk a fine line between negotiating and accommodating both parties. This isn’t always easy.

Whether you need advanced training in workplace mediation or family conflicts, O’Sullivan Solutions improves the way you use questions during conflict management. 

Our expert Gerry O’Sullivan has helped people all over the world improve their mediation skills, with courses available online on Zoom or in-person.

Certified mediator training that can be accessed anywhere.

Gerry O’Sullivan is a highly qualified trainer who has over 35 years of experience, having been an advanced mediator with The Mediator’s Institute of Ireland and delivered their accredited Certified Mediator training.

Her courses are brilliant for mediators looking for CPD training which is the result of the latest scientific research on conflict management and how the human mind works. 

She’s written a highly praised book on mediation questions and the role they play in both family mediations and resolving workplace conflicts.

Throughout her courses, O’Sullivan Solutions provides plenty of learning materials to help you enhance your skills, including demonstration videos and sample mediation questions

If you need a mediator to deliver advanced training in mediation skills, find out more about O’Sullivan Solutions today.