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Want to learn more about how to use mediation questions effectively?

Gerry O’Sullivan specialises in CPD training where the spotlight is on asking great mediation questions.  From learning about the best open questions, to those designed for workplace conflicts, O’Sullivan Solutions covers a wide range of topics during her online courses.

Even though I have mediated 50 plus scenarios this was a real eye opener with lots of take aways for next week’s mediation.”

Martin Medforth

CMC Registered Mediator (Civil, Commercial, Workplace and Employment) at Eynhallow Ltd., U.K.

Get advanced mediation skills that improve your success rate.

An advanced mediator with The Mediator’s Institute of Ireland, Gerry has written an in-depth book (The Mediator’s Toolkit: Formulating and Asking Questions for Successful Outcomes) centred around the asking of questions during this process. 

Using the latest scientific research, she sets out the ‘S’ Questions Model which clearly explains the theory behind mediation questions; the purpose and power of each question; and how different queries work.

She can teach you all sorts of techniques via online Zoom training sessions. All her courses include extensive learning materials, including demonstrations and examples of mediation questions.

Partake in selfstudy and enjoy self-paced learning videos as an alternative to live online training, with a range of films available. 

With Gerry O’Sullivan’s online training you will learn how to build and apply challenging questions without coming across as threatening to either party. Her courses are ideal for anyone seeking continuous professional development in this field.

Since her courses can take place remotely, it’s easy to upskill and enhance your knowledge of the mediation process.

If you’re looking to get advanced mediation training online, find out more about Gerry O’Sullivan or get in touch for more information.