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Discover How To Ask Great Mediation Questions

Want to learn how to use mediation questions more effectively?

Mediation is helping both parties in a dispute to achieve the best possible outcome. In situations like divorce, it’s hugely beneficial in moving the process forward faster, reducing animosity and helping to preserve relationships.

When it comes to workplace conflicts, it can make a business more productive and a happier environment in which to work.

Asking the right mediation questions is key for this process, but it’s not always easy!

Ultimately, whether in a workplace conflict or during a divorce, you want to change people’s way of thinking. This is never straightforward, especially when those in conflict are convinced they’re in the right. The right questions always depend on the individual case.

The way you use mediation questions also makes a huge difference. That includes the manner in which they’re delivered.

Get advanced mediation skills with an expert.

O’Sullivan Solutions has a number of courses to help you get the training you need. Specialist Gerry O’Sullivan is trained in Civil & Commercial Mediation, Organisational & Workplace Mediation, Family Mediation and Community Mediation.

Courses are based on Gerry O’Sullivan’s book The Mediators Toolkit: Formulating and Asking Questions for Successful Outcomes, which can be purchased online.

With the right mediation questions, you can help people in conflict reach a more collaborative and sustainable agreement. Online courses can be accessed anywhere, making them highly convenient.

If you want to learn more about effective mediation questions, find out more about O’Sullivan Solutions. Or please get in touch today.