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The image above is from a role-played demonstration and is not a real case.

This online video course is divided into seven modules which may be purchased as a full series or as individual modules.  Video links will be available for permanent access. You are also entitled to participate in a live Q&A session.

Full Series of Modules can be purchased for €300.


Individual modules can be purchased for €70 each. See below.

Introductory Module 1 (complimentary)

Module 1a: The Context for Creating a Paradigm Shift

“Content and delivery was exceptional and I learned more from this incredible training than any other course. I attended the live four half-days online training and I purchased access to some of the videos so that I can watch them again for increased learning.”
Sharon McGarr, BA (Hons) Psychology,
MA Mediation and Conflict
Intervention Fieldwork Coordinator on the PRIMERA Project

Module 1b: Use of 'The S Questions Model' and its application

Module 2

Shift Thinking: Journey of Inference Questions


Module 3

Shift Thinking: Other People Questions


Module 4

The two films in this module cover separate meetings with one of the characters, Kathy, during which a paradigm shift starts to take place as a result of the questions she is asked. As a result, Kathy starts to become more congruent in her communication and will be better prepared for the joint meeting.

Module 4a: Shift Thinking: Neuro-Linguistic Programming based Questions

Module 4b: Distinctions and Differences Questions


Module 5

Shift Thinking: Cognitive Elements Based Questions


Module 6

Shift Thinking: Underlying Interests Questions


Module 7

There are two films in this module, the first is with Kathy at an initial separate meeting where she is despairing that Tom will never stop apologising and harassing her. The second film covers both parties in the session together.

Module 7a: Future Focus Questions

Module 7b: Shift Thinking: Reflective Connecting Questions


Live Q&A on Zoom
The full series of modules or the individual modules also entitles you to a 75 minute follow-up live group Q&A session with author and trainer, Gerry O’Sullivan where you get live support based on the application of  'The S Questions Model' . This is booked via our 'Bookwhen' booking system

The dates for the follow-up in-person online Q&A group session will be provided with your booking.
16.00 – 17.15 GMT (11.00 – 12.15 EST) (08.00 – 09.15 PST)

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“An essential next step for anyone who has done the theory of mediation and anyone who wants to up-skill.”
Muriel Walls, Walls & Toomey, Solicitors, Dublin
“If you want to learn from somebody who knows their job and loves it, this is the course for you. Gerry’s honesty and enthusiasm is infectious. Brilliant facilitation and invaluable knowledge.”
Ken Quinn, Wexford
“Excellent course, Gerry’s warmth and enthusiasm was infectious.”
Declan McBrearty, Irish Prison Service