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MII Professional Mediator Training - Overview


Mediation Role Play Trainees from the October 2013 course taking part in a role play exercise

If you wish to become a professional and competent mediator, with high quality mediation training and practice, then you require an O’Sullivan Solutions 60 hour plus mediator training programme. The Mediators’ Institute of Ireland (MII) sets very high standards regarding its accreditation process and after extensive international research it concluded that the minimum amount of training required to attain the quality competency level of a mediator is 60 hours.

Anything less, is less.

O’Sullivan Solutions offers mediation training in line with the MII requirements. Participants who pass the assessment will be accredited as O’Sullivan Solutions certified mediators and they will also have the option of applying to the MII for membership, should they choose to do so.

In the interests of accountability and transparency O’Sullivan Solutions contracts an independent and external MII assessor to carry out the assessment process. Less than 1% of participants chose to not sit the end of programme external assessment. The pass rate for OSullivan Solutions assessment is over 96% for the first attempt. The very low number of participants that are not successful are invited to join the following programme with no additional training costs. This is at the discretion of O'Sullivan Solutions and will depend on the current context. The O'Sullivan Solutions pass rate for the second attempt is 100%.

Unique aspects of the professional mediator training programme offered by O’Sullivan Solutions

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