Mediation Questions Training - Feedback

“The Mediation Questions Training was excellent. Gerry expertly connects the psychological and theoretical elements to asking questions in mediation.   I found the content and delivery to be exceptional and I can honestly say that I have learned more from this incredible training than any other course I have completed. I attended the live four half-days online training and I have purchased access to some of the videos so that I can watch them again for increased learning.”
Sharon McGarr, BA (Hons) Psychology, MA Mediation and Conflict Intervention Fieldwork Coordinator on the PRIMERA Project

“If you are ever stuck and need some guidance on how to transform the conflict this online course is for you. Gerry's training has given me a template for asking questions that go beyond the traditional methods that I was familiar with.”
Noreen Fitzpatrick, Focus, Ireland

“This online course is really insightful. It provides the opportunity not only to deepen the theoretical knowledge of the mediation process in a structured way, but also to practice some techniques with your peers.”
Natalia Djandigava, Project Manager at Crisis Management Initiative (CMI), Moldova

“I found this online course endlessly fascinating. It really will be a game changer for me with my mediations. Gerry brought the book alive and made the process of getting into the depth of the subject great fun as well. She gave so much of herself which brought it to another dimension. ”
Amanda Gahan, Steadfast HR Consultancy, Dublin

“I’ve just finished a brilliant online training course delivered by the wonderfully knowledgeable and published author, Gerry O'Sullivan. I highly recommend Gerry’s course - and her book!”
Rachael Bicknell, Founder Squaring Circles, Mediator & Solicitor, Edinburgh, Scotland

“I learned so much from Gerry’s very practical and realistic approach in her online training. She has a lovely way of gently getting to underlying issues which is invaluable, not just in business, but also day to day life.”
Adrian Haines, Mediation, Negotiation & Conflict Resolution

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