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 Associates – Laurie Randall


Laurie RandallLaurie Randall gained a bachelor degree in Peace Studies at the University of Bradford and a Peace and Conflict Studies M.A. at the University of Ulster. She gained a Certificate in Teaching Adult Learners in 2002.

Laurie has worked in Mediation Northern Ireland as a mediator since 2000 and is currently their (acting) Senior Development Officer. She has responsibility for training, including complex group facilitation. She is active in housing issues; the ‘Neighbourhoods and Communities’ sector and, more recently, with the Social Partnership Programme. Past involvements include work with police training; the Parades Commission; and integrated education.

Laurie has many years of experience mediating difficult conversations with the public, with groups and with organisations, including the first joint community discussions regarding the Girdwood Barracks site in North Belfast in 2007; the parades disputes in Belfast and private encounters on sensitive Community Relations issues.

Areas of Expertise:


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