Gerry O'Sullivan Mediator's Toolkit book

 International Experience

Conflict raining Cuba Conflict, Negotiation and Mediation training in Cuba

Cuba – 2013

Gerry has delivered Conflict, Negotiation and Mediation training in Cuba in partnership with CEDR (Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution), London, U.K.

Serbia – 2009

Northern Ireland – 2001

Gerry engaged, and was invited to live, with the Loyalist Community in the Glenbryn Estate (the heart of the conflict) during the Ardoyne school/community dispute in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 2001. Assisted the Mediator in conflict resolution work with the committee from the Loyalist community that was managing and directing the events during the street protests. These protests were against the Catholic families using the route through the Loyalist enclave in order to bring their children to school. This work included assisting the Mediator in interviews with the leaders of loyalist paramilitary groups.