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Christian Peacemakers Teams - Palestine

“I came to know Gerry when she first served on our Palestine Team 4 years ago as an intern. Since that time, she has served both as my personal advisor in my following up on our team’s work in Palestine, and as the facilitator for our Palestine team’s strategic planning sessions.

Gerry has excellent communication skills, and I’ve experienced her to be very culturally aware through her work with the Palestinian team members (including myself). Throughout her service as an intern and as our strategic planning facilitator, she was able to bring together the at times varying perspectives of the Palestinian team members and the international team members. It was her strong communication skills and perseverance that enabled her to do so. This was important in earning her the respect of all teammates. In addition, I have experienced her strong communication and mediation skills when she did a couple of mediation sessions where I was one of the parties involved.

Apart from our direct team life, I observed and admired her strong ability to bring different actors involved directly and indirectly in the conflict together. She was quick to understand the complexities of the Palestinian/Israeli situation, and she was passionate and compassionate in how she interacted with the people of Hebron and the West Bank (both Palestinians and Israelis). Earning the trust of these communities, she then presented creative and concrete ways to bring some understanding of the situation to our own team of Palestinians and internationals, and furthermore to the larger international community. Through such projects as her video documentary, her work in bringing an internationally renowned film director to Palestine, and her advocacy efforts with the European Parliament, she was able to bring the on the ground Palestinian and Israeli communities in touch with the high levels of the European government structures.

From what I know of Gerry, I would definitely recommend her. She possesses the character, intellect, skills, passion, compassion, and perseverance required for this work. She will offer your program wonderful insights and countless contributions. ”
Tarek Abuata
Palestine Support Coordinator, Christian Peacemaker Teams
Telephone: + 301 339 4420
Email address:

Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI)

“Gerry O’Sullivan worked for Quaker Peace and Social Witness as an Ecumenical Accompanier with the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI). She served from the 1st January 2010 to the 1st April 2010, all contracts are for a 3 month period. She was based in Hebron, a city with high levels of conflict, in the West Bank. Her role with EAPPI was:

Gerry was thoroughly professional in her work and she displayed a high level of commitment and motivation. There was never any question about her reliability and willingness to tackle challenges. When her team was reduced in size she took on more work so that all areas of work were covered. The feedback from the contacts on the ground in Hebron is that she demonstrated passion, caring and involvement with the people she met there. She developed collaborative and effective working relationships with other organizations on the ground, such as the Christian Peacemakers Team.

Gerry was extremely efficient and well organized. Her advocacy work in writing articles for dissemination resulted in a valuable and worthwhile response from churches, politicians and government officials. Gerry arranged for the Irish Ambassador to Israel and the Irish Representative to the Palestinian Authority to come to Hebron for a day to meet the people about whom she had written in her articles. They have both expressed appreciation for the work she has done.

Gerry was a valuable asset to EAPPI and contributed a great deal during training sessions, from which her colleagues benefitted. She has sensitivity, acute perception and the sort of integrity that means I would trust her to undertake any role that she judged to be within her capabilities.”
Teresa Parker, EAPPI Manager

“I am writing to confirm that Gerry O'Sullivan from Ireland took part in the World Council of Churches 'Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel' for a period of three months from January to March 2010 being placed in Hebron in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

Gerry was a dedicated volunteer. She is a motivated and well-organized individual who has a professional approach to her work. She was able to adapt to a fast-changing security environment, providing support to the local contacts and her colleagues.

A substantial part Gerry’s time was spent doing advocacy work on the obstacles Palestinians face living under occupation and raising the awareness about the conflict abroad.

Gerry demonstrated a high commitment and passion to the peoples of Israel and Palestine during her time here. I would have no hesitation in recommending Gerry O'Sullivan for any position.”
Pauline Nunu
Programme Coordinator

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