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Mediation Services – Client's Feedback


Names and contact details are available on request as each referee has given O’Sullivan Solutions permission to do so.

“We at Irish ...have recently had occasion to avail of the services of Ms. O’Sullivan as a mediator in a confidential manner. At all times in a very difficult process her skills and her professionalism made the process of mediation move swiftly to a positive resolution. I would recommend her highly to any organisation wishing to avail of her services. If you wish to have any matters clarified, I can be contacted at 061...”

“Gerry O'Sullivan brings to civil and commercial mediation not only her finely honed mediation skills but also a background of facilitation of large and small group disputes. Gerry has worked with private companies and businesses as well as with individuals. She has developed an expertise in mediating various disputes where there can be many parties involved.

Her background, experience and training in many areas of dispute resolution such as Organisational & Workplace Mediation, Community Mediation and Civil & Commercial Mediation has given her a very sound and firm understanding of the nature of conflict, its causes and what is necessary to help the parties to reach resolution. The broad range of groups and individuals with whom she has worked over the last twenty years has led to her capacity to understand the diverse needs and interests of individuals and groups when they are in dispute.

Gerry has the ability to be both impartial, understanding and empowering thereby enabling the parties the space to discuss their dispute and to reach creative resolutions to the issues between them.”

“Ms Gerry O'Sullivan was hired as a contract mediator by our organisation earlier in 2006.

Ms O'Sullivan was very fair and professional in the manner in which this mediation took place. Ms O'Sullivan brought us through a process where the issues on all sides of the debate were dealt with by all parties involved.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Ms O'Sullivan for the role of mediator.”

“Over a number of years I have on occasion been required in the course of my work to act as a participating party at a number of training or mediation sessions facilitated by Ms. Gerry O'Sullivan between community groups, community projects and Statutory bodies.

Ms. O’Sullivan maintains a very high quality process, fostering the creation of a non-threatening atmosphere of trust and confidentiality, which promotes open discussion thereby empowering participants to identify the issues facing them or their organisation.

Ms. O’Sullivan is gently challenging in her interventions, she allows each person to have their say and express their views. She is an attentive listener that enables her to support people to articulate what they feel or what they want to say while at the same time keeping the discussion focused avoiding a wide variation from the issues that needed attention.

Her interventions result in very clear outcomes in terms of what the issues are the where the responsibility lies for progressing them.”

“I have known Gerry O’ Sullivan for eight years now in her capacity as Facilitator, Organisational Consultant and Independent Evaluator and more recently in her role as mediator. Over this length of time our organisation has engaged Gerry’s professional expertise on a number of occasions including Evaluation. Strategic Planning, and Training because of the integrity, skill and competence she brings to her work. I know that she is also regularly employed by a range of Community Groups, Community Development Projects, Local and County Development Organisations in the South West Region. Her training in Mediation has further equipped her to work effectively with groups and to help them deal with the most difficult of group process: conflict.”

“Two years ago this Project engaged Gerry for a Mediation Process necessitated by conflict arising amongst staff members, she was professional, sensitive and equitable in her dealings with all the individuals involved. She was very clear about the Mediation process and its limits and supported all involved to come to a workable agreement.”

“Ms Gerry O’Sullivan has worked with us in our franchised businesses over the past seven years. She has taught courses and given training to the Management team covering many of the HR issues that arise in running a business.

Gerry has facilitated the development of policies on Harassment, bullying and racism in the work place with the Management team. She has coached each Manager on how best to implement these policies in their own stores and help the Managers in that process.

Gerry has been available to us down through the years as a mediator in helping resolve issues when a neutral outsider is required. Gerry’s clear thinking and expertise in mediation helps resolve our conflicts. Subsequent coaching of both parties by her on how best to deal with any future events helps clear up misunderstandings. From Gerry’s work the end result I have is a happier contented staff. I have no hesitation in recommending Ms O’Sullivan for any coaching, training, facilitation and mediation roles.”

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