Gerry O'Sullivan Mediator's Toolkit book

 Philosophy of Working


The clients for whom Gerry O’Sullivan has worked have stated that she is efficient, well organised and that she follows the work briefs given to her with effectiveness and efficiency. Her ability to connect with participants and to build rapport is considered to be “exceptional” and her group skills are thought to be “excellent”. Please refer to Client Feedback.

If you wish to contact any of the people referenced, please feel free to do so. Contact details can be supplied upon request, if necessary.

Gerry O’Sullivan’s working philosophy is based on her belief that the knowledge, power and resources necessary for change, action and progression are within each person. The approach she uses in her training, mediation and facilitation work is consultative, facilitative and challenging. She asks focused and challenging questions that enable participants to reflect on their issues, their needs, their future, and on their learning and its application. Her skills in working with people, either as individuals or as members of a group, are underpinned by mutual respect and the ability to be challenging in a focused and incisive, but yet gentle, manner. It is said that she has “the ability to get the best from people while working as a group facilitator and trainer.”

People state they “feel unthreatened, safe and comfortable” with Gerry’s work approach, which is always developmental and empowering, and allows issues, concerns and needs to emerge for resolution.

The approach taken by a mediator, facilitator, trainer or researcher is a vital factor in achieving a successful outcome when working with individuals and groups that experience conflict and/or marginalization in their lives.


O’Sullivan Solutions works naturally and comfortably within the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland’s Code of Ethics. Please refer to: The MII Code of Ethics

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