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Why Get Advanced Mediation Training From O’Sullivan Solutions?

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Powerful questions play a big role in mediation and help two parties better understand one another.

At worst, one of the participants can become angry and the mediation breaks down- something you need to avoid by asking questions in a safe way.  A continual flow of the right questions can help to reduce someone’s sense of threat and reduce the risk of an amygdala hijack. 

Gerry O’Sullivan’s advanced training is based on the latest scientific research.

The amygdala is a part of the mid-brain and responsible for the regulation of emotions.

An ‘amygdala hijack’ refers to an emotional response that is overwhelming and triggers a significant emotional threat in somebody. Not something you want to happen during any mediation session!

Not only can asking safe and neutral questions help, so can maintaining the appropriate body language during mediation. All of these topics are explored in Gerry O’Sullivan’s book, The Mediator’s Toolkit: Formulating and Asking Questions for Successful Outcomes.

Advanced training for mediators looking to upskill in 2023.

As a mediator you need to work with the thoughts of parties in order to understand them and seek to create a paradigm shift in their thinking. O’Sullivan’s advanced continuing personal development (CPD) training can help you to better facilitate this process

She offers several options when it comes to training, including: 

  • Live Zoom training
  • Self-paced learning resources
  • In-person learning
  • Blended training – In-Person together with Online training

Find out more about Gerry O’Sullivan’s CPD for mediators or get in touch with her for more information.