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O’Sullivan Solutions Mediation Questions Training

O’Sullivan Solutions Mediation Questions Training is based on the book ‘The Mediator’s Toolkit: Formulating and Asking Questions for Successful Outcomes’. 

Training introduces the S Questions Model, which focuses on the development and asking of questions for clarifying existing information, the gathering of new information and creating new insight in parties. Training based on this book is delivered through a variety of formats:

• Live Online Zoom course
• Self-Study Videos
• In-Person

For parties in mediation to reach an effective and sustainable agreement, they need to experience a change in their thinking about the conflict. 

This paradigm shift in a party’s thinking and approach is achieved when they gain new information and insight that leads them to look at their conflict from a different perspective.

The ‘S’ Questions Model is designed to house a tool kit of powerful mediation questions that can be asked during a mediation process. This book demonstrates the theory behind the mediation question types, their purpose, how they work, when they are used and how they are built and applied to mediation. 

The S Questions Model is an easily accessible reference tool for how to ask mediation questions both before and during a mediation process.