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Mediation is about helping people reach a realistic solution while helping them feel valued, trustworthy and understood. If someone feels threatened by a question, you can immediately lose ground and end up back in a battle ground. 

The right questions allow for open communication, help to identify people’s needs, and encourage the participants to solve problems rather than retreating back into animosity. 

There are many types of questions that work well in mediation, including open ended questions that demonstrate you’re interested in discovering what the other person is thinking and gaining more insight into who they are as a person.

O’Sullivan Solutions provides scientifically-backed tips on asking questions during mediation. 

Before beginning any mediation, it’s crucial to prepare several questions in advance, which should always be designed around the conflict in question. However, if you feel like you struggle in this regard, you might want to undertake CPD training in this area. 

Advanced courses packed with expert tips, sample questions and learning resources. 

Gerry O’Sullivan’s online  Zoom courses are perfect for those who want advanced training where the spotlight is on the questions asked during mediation. With over 35 years of experience in training and conflict resolution work, she can offer invaluable insights for mediators in a wide range of industries. 

Her work has included training for those working in industry, public and semi-state bodies, along with inter-agency groups, organisational and workplace settings

If you’re looking for tips for asking questions in mediation, find out more about Gerry O’Sullivan’s advanced training today. Or get in touch for more information.