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Expert Tips For Asking Questions In Mediation

Are you a mediator that wants to take your skills to the next level?

In mediation, both participants need to feel they’re being heard and respected throughout the process. It’s key they don’t feel threatened by you or the other person. The questions asked during mediation are key to your chances of a successful outcome.

Mediation is a tricky balancing act and the wrong approach can lead to one party giving up. Instead, you want to open the possibility of working together to solve the dispute. All of this is only achieved by formulating great questions, which also help you achieve clarity regarding their current situation.

O’Sullivan Solutions delivers advanced training where the spotlight is on the best questions to ask during mediation.

Her courses are ideal if you’re seeking continued professional development training and looking to upskill in this area. With her tips based on the latest research, you’ll learn how to challenge people’s thinking and challenge entrenched thinking.

Asking the best questions is key to improving any form of mediation, whether it’s workplace mediation or during a divorce. Our expert wants to help you in achieving the most successful outcome possible.

Learn all about the S Questions Model and become a more effective mediator.

Based on her book The Mediator’s Toolkit: Formulating and Asking Questions for Successful Outcomes, you’ll learn how to ask questions which are based on the latest scientific research and how our minds work, including how we process information.

Why not find out more about Gerry O’Sullivan’s latest training courses on her website?

If you need expert tips for asking questions during mediation, feel free to get in touch for more information.