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Asking Great Mediation Questions for Better Results

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Mediation can save participants significant amounts of time and money. The great news is this approach has impressive rates of success. However, the chances of success are heavily reliant on the skills of the mediator. 

You need to help the parties to reach a realistic solution, which isn’t easy.

A mediator needs to be personable and engaging, so they can develop relationships which are critical to making the process work. The questions you ask are key during the negotiation. 

Because you’re often dealing with a long-lasting rift, the right questions make or break a mediation. When someone has deeply entrenched thinking, you have to challenge them without being antagonistic. 

Gerry O’Sullivan offers advanced training focused on the science of mediation questions.

She’s written a book based on this subject, The Mediator’s Toolkit: Formulating and Asking Questions for Successful Outcomes which is based on the latest research. Gerry is an advanced mediator with The Mediator’s Institute of Ireland and she regularly delivers their accredited Certified Mediator training.

Gerry O’Sullivan offers both online live zoom training and self-paced learning with access to videos. During her courses you’ll enjoy plenty of sample questions and tips.

With over 35 years of experience in mediation skills and training, Gerry O’Sullivan has developed a deep understanding of the process. With her advanced training, you’ll learn how to ask strategic questions 

If you want to learn more about asking the best mediation questions, find out more about her advancing training.