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Two-day Training Programme: Moving Through Conflict

MII Professional Certified Mediation Training

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 2 day Conflict Training - Feedback

“Gerry, thank you for facilitating a superb meeting on 'Conflict Resolution' and 'Bullying and Harassment'. I have rarely encountered a facilitator who could hold the attention of the group in such a way, and for a two hour engagement. Your energy and investment in the topic invigorated the meeting and allowed us to have a fantastic educational experience. The level of questioning and reflection which has stemmed from your session bears testimony to its quality.” -
Dr Bertie Daly, Programme Director, South West GP Training Scheme

“I found

the course incredibly relevant, very interesting and exciting. I can apply this and would come back for more. Wonderful two days, fantastic experience.”
Sean Dineen, Social Action Group, Rathmore, Co. Kerry

“I would highly recommend this training to anyone uncomfortable with conflict. Excellent.”
Michelle Flannery, Re Nua, Goat Street, Dingle, Co. Kerry

“Excellent course, very well presented. Loved the gentle tone of the presentation. I should have done it years ago.”
Brendan Burke, Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board

“This training is a must for anyone who struggles with conflict in the workplace. It gives you an awareness of how to interact in a safe environment.”
Judith Carmody, Tralee, Co. Kerry

“Very empowering.”
Elizabeth Flanagan, Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board

“Well worth attending – some excellent learning outcomes.”
Noel Kelly, Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board

“If you can’t deal with confrontation or conflict, then this is the course for you.”
Karen Moloney, Murphy’s Ice Cream

“Fantastic. Loaded with valuable information, both theoretical and practical.”
Olga Taranta-Sova, Ballymacelligott, Co. Kerry

“Very professional delivery, great learning environment and safe.”
Bernadette Cullen, Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board

“Very hands-on and well worth doing.”
Mary Kennedy, Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board

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