Gerry O'Sullivan Mediator's Toolkit book

 Choosing a Mediator


Mediation Act, 2017

Under the stipulations in the Mediation Act, 2017, mediators are required to inform parties who wish to engage in a mediation process the following:

Qualifications (including training) for Gerry O’Sullivan are here
Experience of Gerry O'Sullivan can be found here
Continuing professional development training (CPD)
Gerry O'Sullivan is an Advanced Mediator Member of the Mediators Institute of Ireland. To be an on-going member of this institute means that you sign up to and work according to their high ethical standards which also require meeting their stringent continuing professional development requirements.

Link to the MII Code of Ethics

Mediators' Institute of Ireland

The Mediators’ Institute of Ireland (MII) is the only professional non-profit making body for mediators in Ireland, both North and South of the border

It was established in 1996 and, until recently, it was the only professional organization in Ireland to provide accreditation for mediators. The MII sets very high standards regarding its accreditation process and after extensive international research it concluded that the minimum amount of training required to attain the quality competency level of a mediator is 60 hours. Mediators affiliated to the MII work to its Code of Ethics and fulfil its stringent, but appropriate Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements.

The institute is the only professional body for mediators, both north and south of the border, and it operates a grievance procedure through which members of the public can make complaints about a mediator. If you wish to contract a professional and competent mediator, with high quality training and practice, then you require a Mediators’ Institute of Ireland certified and approved mediator.

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