Gerry O'Sullivan
2014 Events
Transactional Analysis for Mediators

4th & 5th April 2014

MII Certified Mediation Training

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Bullying/Harassment and HR Issues for Mediators

March 14th, 2014
9.30 – 13.00

Mediation Business Development

March 14th, 2014
14.30 – 17.30

Role Play Practice for Mediators

9th May 2014
17th October 2014

Sharing and Learning for Mediators

15th March 2014
10th May 2014
18th Oct 2014

Approaching work with passion, gentleness, firmness, clarity and energy
Mediators' Institute of Ireland Certified Mediation Training Courses now available
Welcome to the website of O’Sullivan Solutions - If you would like to contact us about the services offered, or the provision of Mediators’ Institute of Ireland Approved Certified Mediation Training, please do so and Gerry will happily answer your questions.

Mediator Training

Gerry delivers Mediators’ Institute of Ireland approved and accredited Certified Mediation Training. The words regularly used to describe her training are “passionate” and “exciting”. Mediator Training programmes are held twice a year in Ireland, commencing in March and in September. There is usually a waiting list of participants for mediator training programmes so O'Sullivan Solutions can guarantee that advertised programmes will go ahead as planned. Gerry O’Sullivan has also worked in Serbia with Mediators Beyond Borders and she has delivered Conflict, Negotiation and Mediation training in Cuba in partnership with CEDR (Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution), London, U.K

Mediation Services

Gerry is a Practitioner mediator of the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland, trained and certified in Organizational & Workplace Mediation, Community Mediation, Civil & Commercial Mediation and as a mediator for family and separating couples..

International Experience and Advocacy

Gerry’s special interest is in international conflict. Gerry has spent many months volunteering in the West Bank providing protection by presence to Palestinians, monitoring human rights breaches , providing support to Palestinian and Israeli peace activists and engaging in advocacy work at EU and Irish Governmental Levels. Gerry trained in "Systemic Peacebuilding, Conflict Transformation and Post-War Recovery and Reconciliation" with the Peace Action Training and Research Institute of Romania (PATRIR) and is she is now an associate with their Department of Peace Operations (DPO ).

Organisational Consultancy and Facilitation

Gerry provides consultancy and facilitation in organizational and project management and development, from project initiation through to project implementation and evaluation. Gerry has conducted over 30 research and qualitative evaluation contracts in Ireland.

Stolen Children Stolen Lives video still

Stolen Children, Stolen Lives

Directed, filmed and produced by Gerry O'Sullivan and edited by Cara Holmes, this moving film shows the arrests and abuses of Palestinian children, aged between 9 and 15, in the West Bank, and outlines the impact on these children and ex-Israeli soldiers. MORE

Mediation demo

Mediation Demonstration

This demonstration of mediation in action was demonstrated live in front of an audience at the Law Faculty, Griffith College, Cork, Ireland in February 2013


DVD Mediator Training Tutorial
Currently in production and due for release in late 2013

A Mediator's Manual
Currently in production and due for release in late 2013

Mediation News

Draft Mediation Bill 2012

Mediation Context in Ireland